Meet Michelle

Certified Co-Parenting Coach & Mediator 

Michelle Lee has been providing support and guidance to parents, mental and legal health professionals for over 11 years.  

  • In 2009, Michelle received her Certificate in Mediation at the Prestigious Strauss Institute / Pepperdine University.  

  • Michelle has been coordinating successful  training seminars for Bill Eddy,  The Divorce Recovery Workshop, The Erasing Family Documentary, The  Conscious Co-Parenting Institute and Dr. Craig Childress, just to name a few.

  • In 2018, Michelle received her Certification as a Conscious Co-Parenting Coach & the Cusody Resolution Method 

  • As the Erasing Family Impact Campaign Director, Michelle has helped Ambassadors privately screen the documentary in their community.  Today, she has helped spear head its streaming on Vimeo.  

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