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Coaching Strategies for Family Unity and Trauma Healing 

Online Coaching with Michelle Lee 

Meet Michelle

Certified Mediator &  Conscious Co-Parenting Coach; Erasing Family Impact Campaign Director; Divorce Workshop Presenter & Small Group Leader; Family Advocate 

Providing guidance, information and tools to
help parents
maneuver through family
trauma in a healthier manner 

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Who we work with


Legal Professionals

Mental Health Professionals


Young Adults

The Journey Towards Seeking a Healthy Family Bond Begins with Helping Parents Understand their Part in the Journey. 

Michelle helped me recognize my triggers  and then learn to manage them in a way that was best for my kids father and our children.  

- Karol S. 

I have been working with Michelle for over 3 years on reunifying with my children.  She has helped me realize that  how my showing up differently has been in my wheelhouse all along.  I just needed the tools to uncover it and now live it. 

- Linda H. 

I worked with Michelle on the Erasing Family documentary campaign.  She is very professional in her communications and is very efficient at getting things done. Especially under tight deadlines and when many tasks are thrown at her.

- Karen H.

High Conflict Behaviors and their 

effect on Children 

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Honor and Protect your child's relationship with each parent when one or both parents struggle with High Conflict Behavior and Responses 

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